Thursday, 12 April 2012

Le Marche wine producers

Vinitours has been very proud to promote wine producers from the Le Marche region of Italy because we have been involved with this beautiful region of Italy for nearly twelve years.
We have an in depth knowledge of the region and have associates, friends and contacts both in central and southern Le Marche in the areas near Ancona and Senigallia and in the south near Fermo and Grottamare.
Le Marche produces some wonderful wines which are nearly totally unknown in the UK and hardly known outside the region, even in other parts of Italy and we are working hard on changing this so that a wider public in the UK can be introduced to the lovely white and red wines of Le Marche.

The typical red wines of the Le Marche region include the Rosso Conero and Lacrima di Moro d'Alba,  from the area around Ancona and the fine Rosso Piceno which is mainly produced in the south of the region.
White wines include the famous Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi and also the much less well known Falerio, Passerina and Pecorino wines.
Other wines produced in Le Marche include the sparkling Vernaccia di Serrapetrona and the dessert wine Vini di Visciole which is produced from cherries.

The wine producer who is a particular favourite of ours is the Azienda Agricola Mognon which is located just inland from the beautiful Adriatic resort of Senigallia in central Le Marche. The Azienda is owned and run by Floriano Mognon who is passionate about the production of organic wines and also other organic produce from his small estate.
The wines are typical of this area of the Le Marche region, but he also makes a truely memorable Rosato which is very popular with his clients and he exports a small amount of his wines to the UK but quite a lot of his production to both Germany and Japan. His wines do have names that are slightly unusual in that they are named after the various members of Sig Mognons family, including Riccardo, Irene and Floriano,and aslo includes the names of his daughter and wife.
Sig Mognon works closely with Vinitours and Frantoio Montedoro to offer tastings and tours of both the olive oil mill and groves together with wine tastings and workshops at the Azienda Mognon.

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